» About us

EDA s.c. is the Consulting and Engineering Company founded in the September 2007 as a civil partnership. From the very beginning we focus our profile on the following activities:

  • Technical consultancy and expertise for machinery, pressurised vessels, process tanks, apparatus and complex installations in the chemical industry, food industry and related branches, confirmed with the relevant permissions.
  • Design of processing installations from different type of technology including chemical industry and food processing. We are focusing on new technologies, state of the art solutions and innovations projects.
  • Design of the machines and apparatus for the industry in accordance with actual EU regulations.
  • Implementation of state of the art technologies from the early stage of development through specification up to the installation and commissioning phase.
  • Supply of the process equipment from proven suppliers with alternative buying solutions including machinery, equipment, pressurised vessels and apparatus as well as complete installations.

The machinery/apparatus and process line can be manufactured according our detailed design or based on customer documentation. All the customised equipment is manufactured under detailed inspection in the innovation and implementation body.

EDA s.c., as athorised by SIMP – a member of Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT) in the field of the design, production and implementation of the machinery and pressurised equipment, is capable to set CE mark on the own installations and customer's installations. The proper declaration of EU standards conformity is issued.

We are honoured to invite you for cooperation!

Mrs. Ewa Serafin Duda and Mr Andrzej Duda - The owners of EDA sc