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Our draft man’s prepare conceptual and detailed design drawings and models using computer-aided 3D CAD system. For 3D modelling our company uses Iron CAD software licensed from TM Systems. Piece of the possibilities for the 3D design and modelling:

  • Designing and developing any structural shape straight or bent from sheet metal piece.
  • Design and develop or copy from nature part of the equipment, machinery or process equipment and 3D modelling of it
  • Advanced hybrid modelling.
  • Create associative, multi-sheet drawings, using rectangular and isometric views, including details, sections, and cross sections.
  • Rendering of the surfaces using photographic method and visualization with poster method
  • Presentation of design solutions using animations and visualizations.
  • Export graphics to GIF or AVI formats, including high-resolution files for large format printing needs.
  • Final technical workshop documentation in 2D, in following blue print format DWG, DXF files.
  • Completion of the documentation in digital copy compatible with majority of similar software such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge.