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EDA sc offer technological complete projects within wide range of industry. Is also Integrator of all administrative approval and decision across local administration in Poland.

Mechanical design calculations of pressurised vessels and pipelines are carried out using the software VVD, accredited by the majority of Notified Bodies in the European Union TUV UDT, with accordance to the applicable harmonized standards, including BS EN 13445 and BS EN 13480.

We design and complete sets of documentation and calculations for pressure apparatus aligned with harmonised EU Directives 97/23/EC, 98/37/EC, 2006/42/EC and the relevant Regulations of the specific country regulations.

Conceptual and detailed design of the projects is done on 3D modelling with all blue print preparation in chosen 3D or 2D format. Sophisticated engineering software allows us to make modelling within and outside the chemical and food industry branch.

The scope of the work covers:

  • Concept stage analysis of the research and implementation at laboratory scale
  • Conceptual design of the technologies and infrastructure, including equipment, machinery, layout, etc..,
  • business plan pre-investment analysis, P&L profit and Loss analysis statement
  • Agreement at administrative level documentation for the environmental decision, Environmental integrated acceptance procedure.
  • Preparation of the architectural/civil concept, zoning plan, building architectural design, administrative level approval of the zoning plan.
  • Obtaining build permit approval for local administration.
  • Multi-discipline project preparation including, civil, regulatory, technological, execution design. Complete and align with all regulatory statements :
    • design of land development zone plan, architectural design,
    • Design of civil structures, including basement, building structure, support platforms, stairs, ladders, etc..
    • design of electrical, sanitation, central heating systems including substations and hot water, ventilation, along with automatic control, lightning protection systems and related installations
    • design fire protection / firefighting, fire detection and fire alarm installation DSO arrangements with an expert in the field of fire protection solutions adopted to the technology
    • design of roads, car parks and internal fencing of the landscape zoning plan
    • technology design, aligned with chosen and approved solutions
    • mechanical design and stress calculations of process piping, equipment, vessels and pressure apparatus, machinery, fittings and all facilities, as agreed at customised design stage
    • Instrumentation and control design, including process automation projects algorithms and PID diagrams
    • estimates of investments and projections of timeline including investors budgets and quantitative description of the scope
    • including summaries, assumptions execution, schedules, cost estimates, cost estimates and bills of quantities Investor
    • tendering process, scope description including specifications quality standards, technical specifications, for adopted solutions and equipment, arrangements with suppliers and subcontractors
    • preparation of technical documentation for machinery and equipment, including maintenance, manual, Hazard Analysis,
    • ATEX documentation completion, including full fire and ignition hazard analysis
    • supervisions of all sub stages of the project from design to execution