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Technical consultancy and expertise for machinery, pressurised vessels, process tanks, apparatus and complex installations in the chemical industry, food industry and related industries, is confirmed by SIMP ZORPOT no 9713 certificate.

he certificate is valid within whole Europe were we are authorised to issue all expertise and certificates

Our offer of expertise reports include an assessment of all kinds of machines, apparatus, tanks and pressure, complex technological systems, manufacturing, valves, measurement and control equipment used in the chemical and food industries, in accordance with the scope of the speciality # 313 and #314

The wide range of services consists of:

  • Evaluation of the equipment for proper design and operations
  • Evaluation and testing of the equipment against technical condition, defects with relevant safety, repair technology and re-implementation to use
  • Analysis of the thermal and hydraulic processes in the installations, including physical and chemical phenomena, fluid mechanics, mass and energy transfer, processes and chemical reactions, sustainability audits
  • Technological analysis of the processes against correctness of the assumptions and expected results
  • Workplace SES safety evaluation in accordance to noise, vibration, air pollution, ergonomics, impact and alignment to actual safety requirements and regulation in the EU.
  • Engineering design cross check and expertise to validate choice of right construction materials, structure analysis, stress tests and related research including modelling in MES systems
  • Evaluation of the documentation, approvals, certificates, etc.. with verification of the documents against legal status, applicable regulations and standards within EU
  • Advisory services of legal compliance in the field of Civil Law and Administrative