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We provide advisory service for the mechanical design of apparatus, vessels, machinery, fittings and any other devices, as well as complex industrial installations. We are focused on chemical and food industry range. Our services cover the technological aspects of the chemical processes carried out in the above installations. We provide complete and complex service starting from the stage of a laboratory experimental design installation stage on an industrial scale.

We recommend our expertise and services in the field of:

  • analysis and implementation of new, innovative technologies and state of the art solutions
  • analysis of trends and opportunities to increase the efficiency of production lines, manufacturing systems, for technological lines and complex in the whole plant, including specific aspects related to manufacturing and market
  • Design of new production facilities or upgrading and renovation of existing one. Analysis include qualification costs, economic analyses, technical support
  • prospective studies, including the development of specific market conditions, economic, technical and technological aspects
  • legislation, standards and any formal solutions related to the design, manufacture and marketing of industrial components
  • analysis of the legal status of industrial facilities, machinery, equipment, installations - representing assets of the company, in light of the applicable rules, including the contentious issues
  • draw up legal documents, sealed by the Legal Adviser
  • organization and management systems, including the implementation of the quality systems ISO9000 and ISO14000 environmental management system